TPT Date NULL errors for FastLoad


TPT Date NULL errors for FastLoad

Hello All,

I am pulling data from DB2 to Teradata using TPT.
I guess TPT is doing Fastload when doing Load.
I am getting an error when Column2 contains NULL Values with SourceCoulmn Data type as DATE. It is working fine when it doesn't encounter any Null Values.
DB2 Source Structure: Column1 CHARACTER (10),

Teradata Structure E.g.:
Column3 VARCHAR (10),

Fastload does this Insert Statement:
'INSERT INTO ABC (Column3, Column4) VALUES (:Column1, :Column2);'

Please advise the general process to load data in to Teradata using FastLoad when the Source Date Field contains NULL values.

Currently I made it to work using Coalesce (Column2,’defaultdate’) but I need to go back and update them as null.
Another way that I am trying is to make Column4 as Column4 CHAR (10) in Teradata and when inserting, I am trying to transform Column2 to CHAR--- VALUES (:Column1, :Column2 Char(10)). Could some one correct the Transformation.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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Re: TPT Date NULL errors for FastLoad

It sounds like you are having the same problems we have encountered. There is a problem that surfaces with Decimal columns and null data. If revolves around the length of the string it is expecting. We have an active incident with @YourService; it is RECCC7S2J. We are testing to see it the current patch resolves it. Hope we can save you some time.

Re: TPT Date NULL errors for FastLoad

Did you find any solution to this problem. we are also facing the same problem in one of the decimal column , in the middle of the record structure. for all null values of this column, the UPDATE operator is throwing rows into error table?
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Re: TPT Date NULL errors for FastLoad

Not sure if you've got the question answered but here's one option to get over the problem -

coalesce(, null)