TPT10507: CLI Error 138


TPT10507: CLI Error 138

Hi All - 


I recently started porting a set of TPT load scripts that I had built to run on a local VM to run in our new Transcend Data Labs environment.  I have everything setup and other than having to figure out how to change the security over to use LDAP, everything seemed pretty straightforward.  That having been said, when I actually try to execute the script, it seems to get stuck in the connection phase, times out, and then I get the error shown in the title of this post.  Here is the whole script output with the error message bolded/underlined.


Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Operator Version
PI_POC_PRODUCER[1]: Instance 1 directing private log report to 'dtacop-db250092-6820-1'.
PI_POC_PRODUCER[1]: DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 1
Teradata Parallel Transporter Load Operator Version
PI_POC_LOADER: private log specified: ADLSTE_CentralCLA.PI_DESCUNITS_LOG
PI_POC_PRODUCER[1]: Operator instance 1 processing file 'C:\Teradata\General\PI_Prototype\TD1620_DataLabs\DescUnits\PI_DescUnits.csv'.
PI_POC_LOADER: connecting sessions
PI_POC_LOADER: TPT10507: CLI Error 138: CLI error 138 (no message text available)
PI_POC_LOADER: disconnecting sessions
PI_POC_PRODUCER[1]: Total files processed: 0.
PI_POC_LOADER: Performance metrics:
PI_POC_LOADER: MB/sec in Acquisition phase: 0
PI_POC_LOADER: Elapsed time from start to Acquisition phase: 255 second(s)
PI_POC_LOADER: Elapsed time in Acquisition phase: 0 second
PI_POC_LOADER: Elapsed time in Application phase: 0 second
PI_POC_LOADER: Elapsed time from Application phase to end: < 1 second
PI_POC_LOADER: Total processor time used = '0.265625 Second(s)'
PI_POC_LOADER: Start : Tue Jun 11 12:20:52 2019
PI_POC_LOADER: End : Tue Jun 11 12:25:07 2019
Job step LOAD_PI_DESC_UNITS terminated (status 12)
Job PI_DESCUNITS_LOAD terminated (status 12)
Job start: Tue Jun 11 12:20:52 2019
Job end: Tue Jun 11 12:25:07 2019


Does anyone have any idea what this error is?  I have searched everywhere I can think of and cannot find a reference to it anywhere.  Thanks in advance.


Re: TPT10507: CLI Error 138

Never mind.  This time when I ran it, it gave me a little more descriptive response but it is apparently just a general timeout error.  Guess I will just have to keep looking