TRUNC function in TD 16.10 release


TRUNC function in TD 16.10 release

In the TD 16.10 release there is a new feature for TRUNC to return timestamp instead of date.


"To enable TRUNC or ROUND to return a TIMESTAMP value when you pass in TIMESTAMP as input, you must set the TruncRoundReturnTimestamp DBS Control field to TRUE"


How can I query the DBS Control field to see what TruncRoundReturn is set to (True or Flase)? I guess it is the DBA who can make the change and developer will not have control over it. Please help me understand.



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Re: TRUNC function in TD 16.10 release

Hi Nina,


Not easy to do unless you have the access rights that (typically) only a dba would have.


How about trying that function supplying a Timestamp as the input? See whether you get a Date or a Timestamp returned.




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Re: TRUNC function in TD 16.10 release

Thanks @DaveWellman You are right. I contacted my DBA and he said we dont have privelge. He showed me how he gets that information from viewpoint to cmd line (bteq).