Tasks by AWTs


Tasks by AWTs


Is there a way to fetch the details about the tasks that AWTs are busy with ? The reason why I am looking for this information is that we received alerts about running out of AWTs from our 2 Node 5500 system, and I am trying to see if I can execute a program, which can capture the snapshot of what AWTs are working on when this alert is triggered.

I tried to use awtmon, and puma -c, but they provide the details about the in-use AWTs, available AWTs, Peak AWTs etc., but not the level of details that I am looking for. I couldn't find any utility that would fetch the details to determine why AWTs are busy. Our platform is Unix MP-RAS.

To handle this situation(if I keep getting awt alerts), apart from the above plan, I am thinking about reducing the count of concurrent queries that can be submitted to the system simultaneously in TDWM, so that AWTs can be made available to handle the workload smoothly. I think this solution is simpler than changing the AWTs count. Appreciate if you can let me know any better ways to handle this situation.