Teradata 15.10 upgrade


Teradata 15.10 upgrade

We are moving TD 15.10. upgrade from TD.15, and i have been asked couple of some generic questions.




  • Check the file dbql_out.rpt for any DBQL tables with non-zero row counts. These tables will be dropped by the Teradata 15.10.xx upgrade scripts. . I would like to know if we may disable Access Logging during the upgrade. NOTE: If access logging is enabled during the upgrade, it will have an impact on upgrade performance, especially DIP script processing. It is recommended to disable access logging during the upgrade. Please suggest..

  • during the upgrade, does it not rename the dbql tables to some other name and drop and recreate? Also, regarding disabling access logging, do we have to take any prevntive measures, i heard some rumours, that touching disabling for those users is bit scary?


    Can you share your feedback and suggestion on this.