Teradata Assistant Bug


Teradata Assistant Bug

I'm using the Teradata Assistant interface but I keep getting the error "Error occurred during DoQuery-14. Code=91; Object variable or with block variable not set" when trying to run my queries.

I end up having to cut the one line of code into a separate Teradata Assistant session and then executing it from there. It is very annoying as I have to cut my code out from my big query one line at a time to execute it.

I have the option "only execute highlighted code" selected.

At another site using an older version of Teradata, it worked fine, but are there bugs in the latest release?

The details I have are:
Version v 7.2
Server 06.02.0224 V2R
Driver version

My inhouse support techos are useless.

Also, after running my queries, I keep getting a window popping up which has the columns "Rundate endtime source elapsed rows results notes sql......"

but there is never anything shown in the window. How do I stop this window appearring?

Thanks for any assistance!



Re: Teradata Assistant Bug

Can't anyone out there help me? :(

Not even a hint about how I can get rid of that extra window that appears.....????
Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata Assistant Bug

This sounds like DR106220 which was fixed in
Please download the latest efix for 7.2 from the patch server. (version

Note that the problem only occurs when your child windows are maximized.
You should be able to avoid the problem temporarily by Tiling (or cascading) the windows prior to running your query.

Re: Teradata Assistant Bug

Hi Mike,

I appreciate your reply.

Yes the problem was exactly as you indicated.

I keep the window "not maximised" and don't get the problem anymore.