Teradata Database does not start..!!!!!!!!!!


Teradata Database does not start..!!!!!!!!!!

What do I do ? the Teradata Service Control window DOES not start the Teradata Database. After selecting "Start Teradata", it tries to start the Teradata database, but returns a "Down/Stopped..." status.
i have installed teradata 7.0 V2R5 demo version on windows XP 2002 version SP2 on my laptop. i tried to troubleshhot the problem using TERADAT help by looking at the windows event viewer but couldnt succeed. even i tried to re install the database and all the tools and utilities but stuck again with the same problem...!!!!!!

should i try with another copy of teradata to install?
or should i reinstall my Xp and try again?
or you guys have any other solution????

please help Guys..!!!!
will highly appriciate...



Re: Teradata Database does not start..!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys i found the following solutions.
but its for Teradata? Database 4.1 Volume 2 for Microsoft Windows Demo
XP Pro Update. i am not sure whether it will work for teradat 7.0 ??????
whats your suggestions?


If you are running Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 with Service Pack 3, please download the Files4XP.zip file and follow the instructions provided in the Files4XP_readme_first.doc file.
The included zip contains two files.
pdelib.dll and setup.ins
setup.ins must be in the install directory therefore the install folder from the demo CD must be copied to the hard drive instead of being executed from the CD.
Use Explorer to copy the installation directory (X:\TNT41, where X is the CD-ROM) from the Teradata demo CD to your hard disk. (This step requires 167 MB of additional disk space.)
Copy the file setup.ins over the file of the same name in the \TNT41 directory you created in Step 1.
Run setup.exe in your new \TNT41 directory on the hard disk. This will install Teradata.
After the installation is complete, copy the file pdelib.dll into the C:\Program Files\NCR\TDAT\PDE\\bin directory in place of the same named file already there.

You are now ready to start Teradata. The install directory \TNT41 may be deleted.

If you get the following error after installing and re-booting:
Teradata GTW Reserve Port Event: Bind error: 10048
Gtwrsrvtdmst must start immediately after TCP/IP initialization
Rebooting should resolve the problem.

Then you have an additional problem on your PC, which is described below (along with the work-around):

The client software (BTEQ, FastLoad, ODBC, Queryman, etc.) communicates to the Teradata Gateway using a pre-determined TCP/IP port number of 1025.
This has been the port number used by the Teradata Client software for over twenty years. On the original TOS system and today on MP-RAS it has been relatively straightforward to make sure that no other process used this port number. With the advent of Teradata for Microsoft Windows this was not so simple. 1025 is the first available port number on Windows and is given to the first requester that does not specify a particular port. In order to make sure that the Windows version of Teradata could communicate with the then existing client software which assumed 1025, the Gateway Reserve Port service was created which is tasked to be started at exactly the right time in the NT boot-up process to make sure that it got port number 1025 when it asked. This service "holds" the port until the Teradata gateway vproc is started at Teradata start-up, then "transfers" the port to the gateway. This can be seen in the NT Event log at Teradata startup.

This scheme worked reasonably well for NT4.0 and Windows 2000. However, with the advent of Windows XP, some PC's (though not all) have some other process that manages to acquire port number 1025 before the GTWRSVTDMST service tries to acquire it. This results in the message 10048 and the not very helpful hint to try re-booting the box. (Actually re-booting works some of the time for some PCs., as I said, it's a race condition.)

The work-around is to direct the various pieces of Teradata software to use a different port. The trick is getting all the pieces to pick the same number.

The Teradata gateway software (properly) uses an entry in the System File system32\drivers\etc\services called tdmst to tell it what port number to listen on. The Windows CLI driver prior to TUF 6.1.1 assumes the value of 1025 unless over-ridden by the existence of a system environment variable with the name of tdmstport. Starting with TUF 6.1.1 Windows CLI will use the etc\services file.

ODBC connections also contain a port number. When created, these connections also assume the value of 1025. The port number of an ODBC connection may be then modified with the ODBC administrators Configuration command, Options >> Advanced.
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Re: Teradata Database does not start..!!!!!!!!!!

I am having the exact same issue with TD Express (non VMWare edition).  Could I get some advice as to the statement

"The work-around is to direct the various pieces of Teradata software to use a different port. The trick is getting all the pieces to pick the same number."

What port number would be recommended?