Teradata Installation


Teradata Installation

Hi all,

By mistake i have deleted the folder ProgramFiles\NCR\Tdat. For that reason, when I am trying to reinstall Teradata Database, I am getting the error as under:

"The demo version of Teradata database for Microsoft Windows may not be installed on a system that has any version of Teradata Installed. You must remove all versions of Teradata from the system before installing this software."

Please help me out in regards to the same.

Re: Teradata Installation


The best option is to format the partition because it may be difficult you put in the CD fo rreinstalltion
of the TDAT.

It is possible that some application / utilities might not work properly.

So better format it an install the one.


Rishikesh .

Re: Teradata Installation

I think before re-installing you need to delete all the entries in the registry as well.

As the error rightly says, we must remove all the traces of the teradata installed previously.

Re: Teradata Installation

Hi Dhiraj and Rishikes,

Thank you for extending your suggestions.

I was able to reinstall the Teradata database. I adopted the method suggested by Dhiraj i.e. deletion of registry values of teradata.

However one word of caution is before one proceeds to delete the registry, you should keep a backup of the same. If one deletes a wrong registry, then this might lead to a reinstall.