Teradata M Load with Informatica


Teradata M Load with Informatica

Hi Team,


Currently we are using Informatica to populate Teradata. Using Informatica MLoad functionality. Everything is setup and mapping runnning fine.


I got an additional task of removing work table, error tables and log table before we are loading teradata tables. I read concept of error table, log table and work table but when I check in schema where these tables are supposed to be created, I do not see any.


Can someone tell me how to make sure all these tables are created and keep it as it is instead Teradata removes it at the end.

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Re: Teradata M Load with Informatica



Multiload will automatically remove the log table, work table(s) and error tables) at the end of the processing if everything works ok. If there are errors then the relevant tables (always the log table and work/error tables as required) will be kept.


AFAIK there is no option in Multiload to change this behaviour.


From your script you should be able to work out the names of these tables. You could have a step prior to the load which manually removes these tables, but that is often not a good idea as it may not allow you to then handle a restart of the load process (I'm not sure how Informatica handles restarts).





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