Teradata SQL/Macros?

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Teradata SQL/Macros?

I am currently working with a webi report (Teradata 13.0 database). The output will be sent to the users in excel/.csv format. The output file will contain 2 tabs.

1. It has been decided to build an  automated approval process built into terradata to document the review at the bottom of the information on the first tab on each excel spreadsheet. 

2. The review will need to display that the document as a total difference of zero.  Once the user clicks the approved button, it should create a stamp on the first tab of the output document with the following verbiage: Approved by user name on month/dd/yyyy at hh:mm. 

3. The server needs to prohibit anyone that made the adjustments from completing this set so that it ensures that a person other than the preparer has approved the final document.  Only after this approval step is completed is the document saved outside of the terradata platform.

Will macros be able to achieve this? Should we write macros in teradata or excel ? I dont know macros. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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