Teradata basics


Teradata basics


I am very much new to teradata. I am a mainframe & Iseries developer, recently we came across this teradata for one of our implementataions. I found this forum & its keen intresting for the new bies.Appreciate your way of knowledge exchange.

Can some one let me know the answers for the following on teradata :

1) This is dataware housing, what is the maximum limit this can support interms of space.

2)can we get any open source for teradata database or it is purely a paid version.

3)database architecture .

4)can we write plsql procedures & functions on this. 

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Re: Teradata basics

Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse --- 8TB to 61PB

Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance------------ up to 21PB

Teradata Integrated Big Data Platform------- 76TB up to 2,048 nodes with 234PB

Teradata Data Mart Appliance------------8TB

You can have  Data Mart edition,VM edition,Aster Discovery Platform Software-Only edition,Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance,

Teradata Appliance for Hadoop

Teradata is not open source. However, you can download free TD express for vmware.

Teradata architecture is SMP and MPP( Massively Parallel Processing) where the Hw are node and bynet.

You can write PL/SQL, functions