Teradata for window 2000 install error

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Teradata for window 2000 install error

I got the following error when going through the installation for TD for win2000 at this step:

3436 FATAL: createvconfig plug-in, in Failed state. Event=0x10 (createvconfig.cpp+2700)
3436 ERROR: Plug-in aborted with message The current step has terminated abnormally. (runner.cpp+1083)
3436 ERROR: Analysis of error follows: (runner.cpp+1086)
3436 ERROR: (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: ********** Error Log Analysis ********** (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: This error was detected in step "Create Vconfig" state "Failed". (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: 1 jobs exited with a non-zero status of 500 (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: The following are the last 5 error log lines from the job on node "btm-test" (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: > 3596 ERROR: Command was successfully quoted (VconfigJob.cpp+510) (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: > vconfig encountered error in line 17 parsing "1736-03" (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: > 0 1736-03 UNKNOWN N N N Y (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: > 3596 FATAL: Bad return code from vconfig 500 (runner.cpp+1088)
3436 ERROR: > (VconfigJob.cpp+541) (runner.cpp+1088)

Any ideas why this error occur. Thanks for all your help,