Teradata recond/GTW/inetd/Bynet Services in Window

Teradata Employee

Teradata recond/GTW/inetd/Bynet Services in Window

I see the following service in Window after installing Teradata V2R6.1: (Control Panel--> Administrative Tools --> Services)

The following services are available:
1. Teradata Database Initiator (recond)
2. Teradata GTW Reserve Port
3. Teradata inetd Service
4. Bynet Service

Now my questions are:

a) If I want to just start Teradata Database, which one service is sufficient to be up and running so that a remote client can connect ? since database runs on port 1025, the service will listen on the same.
b) If I just want to use SQL Assistance as a client, which one is sufficient to run?
c) If I just install BTEQ client, which one will allow me to connect to a remote host's database ?

Thanks in Advance