Teradata workload change track for user


Teradata workload change track for user

Hi ,

I need small help ,I would  like to know if any user session changed from one session to other session , need to track what is old workload and new workload , (mainly to track manul workload changes uisng viewpoint portlets), 

Please suggest how to frame sql to get this data.


Re: Teradata workload change track for user



If the user session in question is being tracked using DBQL then you can compare WDID to FinalWDID in the DBQLogTbl. If these two columns contain different values then the request has been moved from one WD to another.


You might also be able to track it by looking at executions of the TDWMAssignWD function - again if this is recorded in DBQL. (To be perfectly honest I've only just thought of this last one, I've never tried it and you may find that it doesn't work).


(I don't think these changes are recorded in DBC.TDWMEventLog, I think that table is more to do with 'system events' from a TASM perspective.)




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