Transient Journal


Transient Journal

Could anyone please confirm if transient journal consumes the DBC perm space first or it eats the system available space first?

Recently we had this problem when our jobs started failing with DBC out of space issue and we noticed that our transient journal had almost grown 5 times than the DBC allocated space. That job which was using the transient journal completed fine but other jobs which was trying to insert a row in DBC tables was failing, like COLLECT STATS.

So my question is that if it consumes the DBC perm first then why didn't the jobs started failing rite away when transient journal crossed the DBC perm limit. If it consumes the system space first then we shouldn't have faced that problem because in total our system is having aorund 6 TB of free space.

Kindly let me know if someone has experienced the same problem cuz for a work around we have increased the DBC space so it can accomodate the jobs and transient journal size within that but this is not a permanent solution. Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.