Types of Tablekind


Types of Tablekind

In teradata there are 3 basic types of Database objects. they are 

1. View

2. Table

3. Macro

are there any other different type of Db objects available?

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Re: Types of Tablekind

your can run a

select tablekind from dbc.tables group by tablekind order by tablekind;

so see which are currently existing in your system. 

By the way tablekind is very much missleading - as it is much more objectkind.

In addition the data dictionary documentation will give you the explanation what the different tablekinds are:

Possible Values for the Original_TableKind Column

T Data Table

V View

M Macro

J Journal Table

I Join Index Table

P Stored Procedure

G Trigger

F Scalar UDF

A Aggregate UDF

N Hash Index Table

U User-defined Data Type

H Instance or Constructor Method

E External Stored Procedure

R Table Function

X Authorization


Re: Types of Tablekind

You can see thus: select distinct tablekind from dbc.tables. Next you see, requesttext for all those tablekind like select * frm dbc.tables maybe.

It can be misleading if you consider it from the standpoint of DB objects( if you come from other DB background).

It also leads me to think of  Objecttype from  DBQLObjTbl  :)