Usage of Sessions in Fast Export


Usage of Sessions in Fast Export

I am running TPT Export to write data into a file from table. The process is started but in between its getting aborted with below error message 

GetBuffer errored on line: 3973194 Msg:One of the FastExport session has been logged off Type:1
Error processing return code:2594
DBS Error Code: 2594
DBS Error Msg : 62582100


When I monitor the data file size is growing gradually and no wait time in file size growth. I am not sure why some of the seesions are IDLE in active process for which data file size is growing gradually.

Number of sessions connected is 15 .


Could some one please help how we can resolve this issue ?

Also How the sessions will be used in FAST Export ?

How we can get IDLE sessions from ACTIVE jobs ?


Please let me know if you need any more information.


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