Varchar fields

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Varchar fields


I have a design question with respect to varchars.

1. I beleieve that the max size that can be defined for varchar is 64000 for server character set latin. I have 2-3 fields in my table that will have datatype as varchar(2500) and varchar(1500). How many bytes does a varchar(2500) occupy - my understanding is 2500+2. Is there any concept that if the size is defined more than a x value e.g varchar(x), the varchar occupies some number of bytes ? I read the manuls for varchar datatype, but it doesn't mention any such thing. Hence, the question.

2. What is the max size of a row that a table can have ? I beleieve it is 64K bytes. Do we need to consider any other thing or this is applicable for all TD installstions. We are on TD 14. we have a very large table coming to our platform.


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