Verifying default password has been changed


Verifying default password has been changed

Per Appendix B of the Teradata Security Admininistration manual, it is recommended to change the default password for certain Teradata accounts (i.e. dbc, sysadmin, etc). In order to verify that this has been done on a certain Teradata installation, I was looking at the PasswordModTime field in dbc.dbase. In one case, the timestamp in PasswordModTime is the exact same to the minute as the timestamp for CreateTimeStamp.

So, my question is, if the timestamp is the exact same for PasswordModTime and CreateTimeStamp in dbc.dbase, does this mean that the password was never changed from the default. Or would PasswordModTime be null if the default password had not been changed.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Verifying default password has been changed

if PasswordModTime and CreateTimeStamp are same for user in dbc.dbase then password not changed from default. basically dbc.dbase will show all users and databases information.for databases only PasswordModTime will shows as null.