View TPT Log


View TPT Log

Hi ALL -

I have executed a TPT script with export operator and able to generate the output data file successfully......and i also see a log file in the path


When i tried to open the log to make sure the number records read , number of records written to out file,database name used are correct.....i am not able to open the log file....Could some one please let me know how to view the actula TPT log where it show all the stats.



Re: View TPT Log

You can check the permission: rwx..... by looking say for your userid:

ls -ltr /opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/logs ......or previous directory

Try changing the permission: chmod from the directory you have permission.

It can be that the tpt job executed is with a different user id and when you open it can be with another user id too, who knows. I hope it is not that case.

Maybe you can talk to your unix admin too.