Why is DBQLogTbl.StatementType NULL?

Teradata Employee

Why is DBQLogTbl.StatementType NULL?

For the following query, some result rows have NULL for StatementType.  Why would that happen?  This is Database  This behavior started occuring only recently.


select Statementgroup
from dbc.DBQLogTbl
group by 1,2;


Result rows with NULL for StatementType:


Other SysOtherNull                98,683
Other No groupNull                8,271
DML Del=0    Ins=0    InsSel=0    Upd=5    Sel=0Null                147
DML Del=0    Ins=0    InsSel=1    Upd=0    Sel=0Null                26
Other = 1Null                7
DML Del=1    Ins=0    InsSel=0    Upd=0    Sel=0Null                6
SelectNull                3
DML Del=12   Ins=0    InsSel=9    Upd=1    Sel=1Null                1
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