bitemporal create table as another table

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bitemporal create table as another table

Hi All,

I will be glad if anyone can help me in my below queries :

1. I want to know what is the parallel syntax to create a bi-temporal table as another bi-temporal tables. For a normal table we have syntaxas - Create new_tab as old_tab with data and stats, what is the parallel for a bitemporal table. Also, while creating the table  i want to retain the transaction time of the original table. Basically i want to take the backup of the original table.

Another way i can do it to create the backup bitemporal table first and then do a nontemporal insert like

nontemporal insert into new_tab sel * frol old_tab, but i am interested to know the other parallel syntax.

2. If i want to do a minus to compare the two tables, then will this syntax do the right comparision:

nonsequenced validtime and nonsequenced transactiontime
sel * from
sel * from

i am new to temporal tables, so apolgy for these basic questions.

--Samir Singh