can't find TD express ip address

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can't find TD express ip address

Hi - I'm trying to run the latest 16.20 TD Express image on VMWare player and i can't figure out what IP address to use to connect to it from outside the VM with Studio.  I'm running ifconfig eth0 and i'm not getting an ip address listed.  I tried 127.0.01 but that didn't work



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Re: can't find TD express ip address

The TD Express image has the adapter set to Bridged mode by default, in which case the VM would act as another PC on the same network as your host system and try to get an address from the host network.

But that requires having the VMWare Bridge Protocol installed and configured for one or more of your network adapters, which is sometimes disallowed by policy settings, antivirus, etc.


I usually change the VM setting for the network adapter to "Host-only" before powering up. That works better for me anyway, on a laptop that may not be connected to any external network.


You could potentially use NAT with port forwarding, if the VM needs internet access for some reason.