difference between version V2R6 and V2R12


difference between version V2R6 and V2R12

Hi All,

Can i have a comaparison document or any link for a PDF that gives the exact difference
between V2R6 and V2R12.


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Re: difference between version V2R6 and V2R12

The Release Summary manual lists the differences between one release and the prior release.
Get it at www.info.teradata.com
For TD12.0 http://www.info.teradata.com/eDownload.cfm?itemid=072600018

(And it's not V2R12, just TD12)

Re: difference between version V2R6 and V2R12

Thanks Fred,

I was under an impression that it is V2R12, because as mentioned in TD 12.0 Overview pdf.

How the new release numbering works:-

Starting with Teradata12.0, there is only one release number for
all software products that are part of the release, with a few minor
exceptions. For example, Teradata 12.0 includes Teradata
Database 12.0, Teradata Tools & Utilities 12.0, and FastLoad
12.0. Teradata hardware platforms, analytical applications,
customer and professional services will continue to use their own release numbers.

Teradata still has major, minor, and maintenance releases. The
next major release will be 13.0, and the next minor release will be
13.01. In addition, the word “Warehouse” has been dropped from
the release name. When talking about the Teradata product suite,
just call it Teradata 12.0, unless you need word “warehouse” for

? Teradata Version 1 included five major releases up to
? Teradata Version 2 included six major releases up to V2R6.2.
---------- With eleven major releases, the next number is twelve!--------------------

So i thought it is V2R12 .... I have checked in dbc.dbcinfo and it is TD12 directly...

Thanks for the same..


Re: difference between version V2R6 and V2R12

Hi, the link in the first post doesn't work, here's how to get to the release notes.
You can also check for 1098.pdf in your documentation folder.


Click General Search. In the Publication Product ID
field, enter 1725 and click Search to bring up the
following Release Definition:
• Base System Release Definition

-srinivas yelamanchili