fast path insert select

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fast path insert select


I have a situation in which i have to add a new column to an existing big table around 3 TB.

1. One option is to alter the table and add one new column and update the new column with value 10 (i need to update 10 for all rows in that column). Will this update use a transient journal ? in what all scenarios does a transinet journal gets created ?

2. Another option is to create a new table a_new with added column and do inset into a_new sel (col1,col2...10,coln from a ). Will this be a fast path insert ? The PI is same and a_new is empty. Does a compress on the columns in new or old table play any role in fastpath insert ? Th TJ doesn't get created in fast path , that i wam aware.

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Re: fast path insert select

Hi, I think you should go with the second option as it is going to make use of Fast Path Insert/Select.

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