hi frnds, what r the olap functions


hi frnds, what r the olap functions

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Re: hi frnds, what r the olap functions

For some unknown reason I am seeing only the below in the message sent by you. I am replying based on the statement in the subject. ;-)

From the web:
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) functions provide the ability to return ranking, row numbering and existing column function information as a scalar value in a query result. An OLAP function can be included in expressions in a select-list or the ORDER BY clause of a select-statement

Statistical functions that will take advantage of Teradata's parallelism, resulting in faster computation of functions such as FORECAST, RANK and QUANTILE;
Functions that pre-select data which meet certain criteria and that significantly reduce the amount of data that will need to be returned to intermediate result sets or temporary tables;
New "calendar" functions that improve performance of arithmetic and comparisons involving dates.

Please read this elaborate article for better understanding.