i am new to teradata developement

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i am new to teradata developement

i am new to teradata developent project. but we assign a new project. and we get only 5 days for our kt.

on which topic i should learn so i should be a good developer.

i always want to be good at what i do..but here i am confused .

plz any one help what are the most importent thing to do for a good developer. and plz answer we are assign a project we have to work on that asap.

plz answer like you expect when you are a fresher

thanks masters

Teradata Employee

Re: i am new to teradata developement

I would understand the high-level design and the kind of tasks (SQL scripts, ETL tool, Scheduling, Testing, Release management, etc.) i would be required to work on. Based on that input I would derive my further questions. 5 days for KT are more than sufficient if you ask the correctly targeted questions.