index for case statements

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index for case statements

Hi All 

I have a query somewhat as below 



sel distinct ref.val,

            when ref.val = 'A' then stg.col1
            when ref.val = 'B' then stg.col2

     databsae.stg_table stg
join database.ref_table ref
on ref.val in ('A','B')



As my stg_table has more than 100 million records , how can I improve the performance of such case statements.

I have given example of 2 values ('A','B') but it will go as far as 'J' around for around 10 values each will fetch different columns from STG_TABLE.

Also more join conditions and columns will get added in it as query will develop.

Please suggest what kind of index i can create to improve performance in such case.

Teradata Employee

Re: index for case statements

For performance you must avoid the cross join + distinct operations.


One good method would be an UNPIVOT-like query :


select 'A', col1 from stg_table union all
select 'B', col2 from stg_table

You can generate this query against your ref_table, with something like :



select 'select ''' || val || ''', '
    || case val when 'A' then 'col1' when 'B' then 'col2' end
    || ' from stg_table '
    || case row_number() over(order by val desc) when 1 then ';' else ' union all ' || chr(10) end as req
  from ref_table 
 where val in ('A', 'B');