mapping workload


mapping workload

Well here is my requirement:

==> i need to find the queries that was intially tagged to the workload which it ran and then later ended up in PENALTY workload.

With version 12 i used tdwm.wlcdefs table since it contained wlcid and wlcname and i used to map it with dbqlogtbl.

Now that we are in version 13.10 i find tdwm.wlcdefs table obsolete and with new additions of other tables iam unable to map it and get my requirement fullfilled.

Could any one of you let me know the sql for 13.10 to fullfill my requirement.

Idea that i need to know.

1. If there are multiple versions of rulesets created in TASM which table will hold the active ruleset that i enabled in TASM.

As i continue to dig into it,  any insights would definitley help me.

Many Thanks,