no /usr/pde/bin/gdb

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no /usr/pde/bin/gdb

I've download Teradata Express for VMware Player : TDE 16.20 SLES 11 for VMware , and I want to debug C/C++ UDF .


But I found there's no teradaba gdb.  There's broken file links:

/opt/teradata/tdat/pde/ -> /opt/teradata/tdat/pde/

/opt/teradata/tdat/pde/ -> /opt/teradata/tdat/pde/ -> /opt/teradata/tdat/pdegpl/

Why the teradata gdb is removed from the TDE, and where can I get it?

Is there any other way to debug C/C++ UDF without teradata gdb?


I tried with gnu gdb, but Eclipse Teradata Debugger for C/C++ UDF failed with message "Attach UDF error       Illegal process-id udf localhost/tdwm.tdwmadmin"