"Lost" Spool Space


"Lost" Spool Space

When I run the following query:

sel databasename
from DBC.DiskSpace
where databasename NOT IN
(sel username from DBC.SessionInfo)
group by 1 having sum(currentspool) > 0
order by 2 desc;

I get the following results (the database names have been changed to protect the innocent):

DatabaseName Sum(CurrentSpool)
DBC 5000376832.00
DATABASE1 833443328.00
DATABASE2 737849344.00
DATABASE3 582797312.00
DATABASE4 13136384.00

How critical is it to reclaim this orphaned spool space? What symptoms would having this cause? What would cause there to be so much in the DBC database?

Thanks for any assistance.

Re: "Lost" Spool Space

It's likely that you are seeing a discrepancy in the disk space accounting, where it does not accurately track actual disk usage. Bugs in the space accounting component have been found and fixed from time to time. A particularly significant
fix (DR 82822) was included in the V6R2.0 release. If you are using an earlier version, you may want to consider

Space accounting discrepancies are repaired automatically when the DBS restarts, as all disk usage is recomputed at that time. You can acomplish the repair without doing a restart by using the UPDATESPACE utility. See the Utilities Manual for details.


Re: "Lost" Spool Space

Thanks for the reply. We already are on that version.

Based on your reply, it sounds like there are no significant detriments that result from this accounting issue, and as such there is no need to make special accomodations for fixing it. Correct?

Re: "Lost" Spool Space

It depends on what you consider significant. It could cause some queries to fail unnecessarily on a bogus "out of spool space" condition. My advice is to use UPDATESPACE to repair the accounting for the affected databases and then continue to check periodically for recurrences.