regexp_replace woes


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First some control characters are replaced by a space:

\f = 0x0C form feed 

\n = 0x0A newline

\r = 0x0D carriage return

\t = 0x09 horizontal tab

\v = 0x0B vertical tab

And then remaining non-printable characters ([^[:print:]]) are removed.

Re: regexp_replace woes

I'm getting a 3706 error in the following line saying I need something between pfp.plan_other_info and ','. This worked before but not now. My associate said he had the same issue. Can you help?

CAST((CASE WHEN pfp.plan_other_info LIKE ALL ('%evoucher%','%paid%') THEN REGEXP_SUBSTR(SUBSTRING(pfp.plan_other_info ,INDEX(pfp.plan_other_info ,'paid') ,INDEX(pfp.plan_other_info ,'toward') ) , '[0.00-9.00]+') +3 ELSE 0 END) AS DECIMAL(18,2)) AS evoucher_plan_ar,

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Re: regexp_replace woes

SUBSTRING function requires FROM and optionally FOR keywords inside the parentheses; to use commas instead, change to SUBSTR function.

But note that the third argument is a length and not the ending position, i.e. you may want to use the difference of the INDEX values +1.

Re: regexp_replace woes

using SUBSTR seemed to work. Thanks


Re: regexp_replace woes


What is the use for this statement ? What kind of special characters it will remove?

TRIM(REGEXP_REPLACE(REGEXP_REPLACE(CAST(INOUT_STRING AS CHAR(3000)), '[\t\r\n\v\f|]',' ',1,0, 'I'), '[^[:print:]]','',1,0, 'I'));

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), '[^[:print:]]', '',1,0,'i')


Here what is the exact meaning and use for below statement?

'[\t\r\n\v\f|]',' ',1,0,'i')))), '[^[:print:]]', '',1,0,'i')

 I know the menaing for below statement. But, i want to know use for other statement as well.

'', --replacestring
1, --startposition
0, -- occurrence, 0 = all
'i' -- match -> case insensitive.


Here is the sample data: ZORAIDA PEÑA 

after applying this statement below is the result.

the output is: ZORAIDA PEA. It is removing Ñ this letter. is it valid? It is treating the complete letter as special characters? Can anyone please provide the list of special characters?


 Please help me on this.

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Re: regexp_replace woes

POSIX character classes such as [:print:] will only match ASCII characters (i.e. <= U+007F). So the negation [^[:print:]] matches all non-ASCII characters plus the non-printing ASCII control characters.


Re: regexp_replace woes

Thanks fred. This would be really helpful for me.