seeking Teredata DB paging solution


seeking Teredata DB paging solution

We are building a Application Server that connects to an existing Teradata Database (DWH application, historic detailed data), primary for query purpose.
Because return of queries usually consists of hundreds of rows, we think DB-side paging is the best choice.
We realize that SQL Server 2008 has introduced row_number, which can be used more effectively with DB-side paging pattern. Unfortunately there seems to be no such technology in Teradata DB.
The only choice left seems to be, writing stored procedures on Teradata DB, using order by for paging. Considering there are hugh amount of total rows in the table, it might be in-efficiency or even time out.
Does any body has relevant experience in this? Any suggesiton is appreciated!

Re: seeking Teredata DB paging solution

SQL Server introduced ROW_NUMBER in SS2005, but Teradata did it some years earlier in V2R4.