select value from different tables

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select value from different tables


My question(tera data) is "which product bear lowest shipment cost".I have 2 following tables

       product table               shipmethod table
      productid       name            shipmethodid  shiprate
        1             abc                1             2     
        2             def                2             4  

but product table has no relationship with shipmethod table directly.however there is indirect relationship through 2 following tables

SalesOrderDetail                             SalesOrderHeader
id   productid    salesorderid           id     salesorderid    shipmethodid
1     1                 1                 1         1                1
2     2                 2                 2         2                2   

i have used inner join to select data from different tables

select , sm.shiprate from Dice_RDM.Product pr
inner join Dice_RDM.SalesOrderDetail so
on so.productid = pr.productid
inner join Dice_RDM.SalesOrderHeader sh
on sh.SalesOrderID = so.salesorderid
inner join Dice_RDM.ShipMethod sm
on sm.ShipMethodID=sh.ShipMethodID

i am getting values 
name        shiprate
abc          2

is this right approach ?

Teradata Employee

Re: select value from different tables

Hi saqib,


Yes, this is the right approach - joins are more than OK in a database.

Anyway, the question feels incomplete.


Let say you have multiple products with multiple shipments, maybe you want to check either the average rate or the total rate ?

Maybe you want also the best difference between the product price and the shipment rate ?