self learning -teradata


self learning -teradata

i have very good experience in oracle 10g. i have just started to learn teradata DW and its tools. please hlep me from where/how to start learning.

thank you in advance.

Re: self learning -teradata

if you are looking for software, you can order cd (free) or download
Teradata Express Edition 12.0 for windows from:

It's a free developer version and comes with User Documentation.
Teradata Express Edition 12.0 is a 2-year license for development, evaluation and training purposes. Teradata Express Edition 12.0 is not licensed for production use. User data is limited to 4 GB.

For learning guides/books, other members might provide suggestions.

Teradata 13.0 is around the corner and will be released in the Q2 of 2009. The next certification track after V2R5 is for TD13 and will be available in Q4 2009.

-srinivas yelamanchili

Re: self learning -teradata

Hi Srinivas,

i have installed teradate v12 in my system. i need guidence to learn teradate.

thank you in advance.