single login


single login

hy, my question: does it possible define an user abilitated for a single access ?? in other words, is possible to define an account that can't make a login to Teradata Administrator or Assistant from 2 different client ???

thanks and sorry for my bad english...
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Re: single login

Please clarify your requirements:
A single session for a given user regardless of the client-PC/Application?

Throttles in TDWM can provide that

Multiple sessions for a given user but only from a single client = ip address?

Depending on your TD release you can restrict logons by ip address:
Security Administration manual
Appendix H: Controlling User Access by IP Address


Re: single login

thanks for your interest;

example: i make login in one client of my LAN with my user and my password to use Teradata Administrator; if i tried to login with the same user and password from other client i would that this was phroibited.

Is it possible ???