teradata shutdown itself


teradata shutdown itself

hi all

we have a teradata windows version 06.02 alway shutdown itself recently.

i checked the windows eventlog-application log, there is teradata error like:

5013: An out of order row has been detected.

On Thu Jul 12 11:23:21 2007 on NODE 001-01, VPROC 0, partition 11, task actmain


Proc/Fun File Line
stp.dll/awtcheck+36 awtmain.c:1176
pde.dll/logevent+1d logusrlib.c:518
dbs1.dll/suterrcx+1c99 suterrc.c:2601
dbs1.dll/awtcat+4a awtcat.c:95
amp4.dll/IndRowBlkDel+16f1 s2srxm.c:1073
amp4.dll/s2srxm+9f5 s2srxm.c:1423
amp4.dll/awts2shd+cc awts2shd.c:172
stp.dll/awtmain+28b5 awtmain.c:2532


does anybody know how to sort it out? thank you

Re: teradata shutdown itself

It's a bug, most likely DR110738. You should be able to get the fix from the Teradata support center.