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Applications covers the world of Teradata apps, including apps offered by Teradata (such as TRM or DCM), as well as best practices and methodologies for building your own Teradata-connected apps.
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Teradata Aster is an analytic platform that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores. •Embedded MapReduce analytic processing and unique SQL-MapReduce® framework •Massively parallel data store for multistructured data •Intuitive tools and SQL-MapReduce libraries for rapid analytic development
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Connectivity covers the mechanisms for connecting to the Teradata Database, including driver connectivity via JDBC or ODBC.
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The Teradata Database channel includes discussions around advanced Teradata features such as high-performance parallel database technology, the optimizer, mixed workload management solutions, and other related technologies.
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Extensibility covers the mechanisms by which you, as the user or developer, can extend the functionality of the Teradata Database, for example with the use of User Defined Functions, or UDFs.
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General covers Articles, Reference documentation, FAQs, Downloads and Blogs that do not belong to a specific subject area. General-purpose Articles about everything and anything
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The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop is a flexible offering of products and services for our customers to integrate Hadoop into a Teradata environment and across a broader enterprise architecture, while taking advantage of the world-class Teradata service and support. The Hadoop Channel covers the hardware and software features, tips and best practices on all the components of the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop.
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Tools covers the tools and utilities you use to work with Teradata and its supporting ecosystem. You'll find information on everything from the Teradata Eclipse plug-in to load/extract tools.
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The UDA channel is for Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture including the Analytical Ecosystem and other UDA influences. This channel provides information specific to the integration and co-existence of multiple systems, in particular when a mix of Aster, Teradata, and Hadoop are present. It is also meant to support information around the UDA enabling technologies so products like Viewpoint, Data Mover, Connectors, QueryGrid, etc.
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Unity is Teradata’s data synchronization and workload routing tool providing Active – Active database availability delivering near real-time RTO/RPO
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Teradata Viewpoint is Teradata's strategic and innovative SOV (single operational view) for Teradata DB, Aster, and HDP Hadoop systems management and monitoring that enables Teradata's Unified Data Architecture (UDA).
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