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Aster Express 6.1 FAQ

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For questions regarding your CPU Compatibility, please refer to these websites for compatibility details:

Trouble Connecting to the Queen Node:

  • Check that you are not also connected to a VPN. The VPN may override your local network and prevent you from connecting to the Queen Node.

Linux Login:

  • It is not necessary to log into the virtual machines directly. However, if you wish to log in to Linux on the VMs, use Username: aster and Password: aster for both the Queen and Worker Nodes.

Network errors:

  • The Queen and Worker VMs are connected using two network interfaces:
    • eth0 – connected via NAT. This connects the VMs so they can communicate with each other.
    • eth1 – connected via a bridge connection, which is configured to request a DHCP address on the bridged network. This is intended to provide a way to connect to Teradata or Hadoop clusters using an Ethernet network.
  • If your VM host is not connected to an Ethernet network, you will see the error “Interface could not be set up for eth1” when the VMs start up. This is normal and can be ignored.

Recovering when the Worker node State indicates New instead of Prepared.

  • The Worker node State will indicate NEW when the Worker node is brought up before the Queen node. To resolve this issue, perform a soft restart from the AMC. On the AMC console, navigate to and select the Soft Restart menu option: Admin > Cluster Management > Soft Restart For information on using the AMC, see the Aster Express
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Hi Amy, I don't see Aster Express 6.1 (or anything greater than 6.0) on the download site. Where do I download Aster Express 6.1? I also see reference to 6.21 in documents like the Aster R user guide, is there an Aster Express for that? I'm ultimately trying to get Aster R going and want to make sure I'm following along on the documentation with the proper version.



Found 6.1 here: Download Aster Express


Is there another location to get a more recent version? What is the significance of 6.1 vs 6.21 with regard to Aster R implementation?


AE 6.10 is here:

Download Aster Express


The one you downloaded is the most recent version. You can use Aster R in Aster Express 6.1

Please reference Aster Express 6.1 Getting Started Guide