Limit # of rows

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Limit # of rows

Hi All

I have a very simple question regarding using the keyword Limit:

This query: select * from myschema.mytable; works fine

This query: select * from myschema.mytable Limit 20; doesn't run

If I right click on the 2nd one and use the "execute the selected text" command, it works fine.

If run a sample data by right clicking on the table name, I do get a sample data back.

My question is: why can't I or what's the proper usage of the 'Limit' keyword?


Teradata Employee

Re: Limit # of rows


The limit syntax you have is correct. Which client are you running this from? Can you copy and paste or type the exact error message when you run the query with a limit?


Re: Limit # of rows

Hi Osman Mustafa,


Is there anything else we can address regarding this request or do you mind if I close this question for now?

Please note, I'll need to close this question after two more business days if we haven't heard back before then.




Teradata Employee

Re: Limit # of rows

I am having this same issue!  TD Studio 15.10 connected to Aster 6.2.  Studio doesn't consider "Select * from tablename LIMIT 100" to be valid SQL and will not let me submit the query.  However if I highlight it and submit, it works.