Aster Client Tools for AIX

Teradata Employee

Aster Client Tools for AIX

This package contains the Aster client tools for AIX.

Release numbering for all of the above will follow this convention:



  • XX is a major release
  • YY is a minor release
  • ZZ is a maintenance release
  • nn is an efix or hotpatch

We use this terminology:

  • major release: Major releases of Aster typically introduce new features.
  • minor release: Point releases of Aster typically provide feature enhancements and bug fixes. A point release may also introduce new features.
  • maintenance release: Maintenance releases of Aster typically provide only bug fixes. They may also include feature enhancements.
  • efix or hotpatch: Hotpatch releases are introduced to address customer issues of an urgent nature.

Example of efix application to major/minor releases:

  • An efix is a fix for part of the product. It may not function by itself.
    • E.g., the AIX 64-bit AC efix only includes the following: ACT, ADFS client, JDBC driver, and Third party licenses. It doesn't include other drivers and utilities such as ODBC.
  • If you would like to use the latest drivers and utilities for AC 6.0, you will need to follow these steps:
    • Install AC with all its drivers and utilities.
    • Check the AC README to see whether any additional packages are needed then follow the README to apply the efix.