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Re: Teradata .NET Data Provider

.NET is having trouble to resolve DNS names.. not on all of them, but some of the DNS name did not get resolved.
Error msg as below:
10/20/2010 4:21:04 PM
SQLA Version:
[.NET Data Provider for Teradata] [115006] Could not resolve DataSource=EDWD to an IpAddress.
at Teradata.Client.Provider.WpTcpTransport.WpResolver.FirstLookup()
at Teradata.Client.Provider.WpTcpTransport.WpResolver.UnknownCopLookup()
at Teradata.Client.Provider.WpTcpTransport.WpResolver.GetHost()
at Teradata.Client.Provider.WpTcpTransport.Connect(Int32 timeout)
at Teradata.Client.Provider.WpSession.Open(Int32 connectionTimeout, String password)
at Teradata.Client.Provider.Connection.Open(UtlConnectionString connectionString, UInt32 timeout)
at Teradata.Client.Provider.ConnectionFactory.GetConnection(Object owningObject, UtlConnectionString connStr)
at Teradata.Client.Provider.TdConnection.Open()
at Teradata.SQLA.TdConnectInfo.Connect() in F:\ttu1310_efix_snap\tdcli\qman\sqla\TdConnectInfo.vb:line 44

wher eyou can see that EDWD is the first part of full DNS name. the filed I filled up in the dialog is EDWD.MYCOMPANY.COM
It is full upper case, not mixed case. any suggestions?