SQL-H: Aster to HDP: Unable to access program: ${env.PYTHON_CMD}


SQL-H: Aster to HDP: Unable to access program: ${env.PYTHON_CMD}


I downloaded Aster v5 and v6 VM Images available from the download section and have been able to replicate the error on both. I'm logged in as aster

I have a single node hadoop cluster 2.2.0 with hive 0.12 (webhcat running on 50111). I can ping both machines and connectivity is good.

I'm unable to run a SQH-H query against Hcatalog using the load_from hcatalog function.

Has anyone seen this error or would know what I might be doing wrong here.

beehive=> CREATE TABLE color_mr ( id INT ) DISTRIBUTE BY HASH (id);

beehive=> SELECT id
beehive-> FROM load_from_hcatalog( ON color_mr
beehive-> server('')
beehive-> port('9083')
beehive-> username('hive')
beehive-> dbname('default')
beehive-> tablename('color')
beehive-> columns('id')
beehive-> templeton_port('50111')
beehive-> );
ERROR: failed to access hcatalog table color: Unable to access program ${env.PYTHON_CMD}

Thanks a lot for your help: