SQL-H - new install


SQL-H - new install

We just had SQL-H installed on our dev/test appliance 2750 and we are having an issue using the COLUMNS('*') parm in SYSLIB.load_from_hcatalog.  We receive the following error:

 SELECT Failed.  [7827] Java SQL Exception SQLSTATE 39001: Invalid SQL state ([TD-SQLH]: java.net.UnknownHostException: hdp2dev).

If we remove the COLUMNS parm then the sql returns the Metadata information about the table which according to the orange book is expected.  Has anyone experienced this issue and if so what is the resolution.  The sql is below:

SELECT count(*)

FROM SYSLIB.load_from_hcatalog(USING

server('*******.dev.*****.com') -- Hcatalog server address (server name removed to protect the innocent)

port('9083') -- hcatalog server port





templeton_port('50111') -- Web Hcatalog port

) as D1;