UDF User Guide

Extensibility covers the mechanisms by which you, as the user or developer, can extend the functionality of the Teradata Database, for example with the use of User Defined Functions, or UDFs.
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UDF User Guide

This user guide describes the Teradata Warehouse 7.1 User Defined Function (UDF) feature. This guide is primarily targeted towards developers of UDFs and database administrators. For the most part SQL language users of UDFs are unaware of the difference between UDFs and System Defined Functions and so a limited amount of discussion is required on using UDFs in the SQL language.

Download the user guide here.

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Re: UDF User Guide


Hope you are doing well.

I am Kal from UK, working for a MNC which uses Teradata. However I am coming from Oracle background and struggling to find oracle functions in Teradata. 


Can you please approve to download this user guide, which will be a great help.


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Re: UDF User Guide

Did you notice that this was posted 13 years ago?

There's a SQL Functions and Operators manual:


Most users download the full documentation CD, which allows searching across all manuals: