VC++ 10 Express setup for UDF code/test

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VC++ 10 Express setup for UDF code/test

Can anyone give me any help with setting up VC++ 10 please?  I've installed the IDE and need to get the Teradata headers and/or libraries available to the projects.  I'm not sure where I can install them from (part of TTU maybe?) and whether I need to do anything other than point the project build/link paths to the appropriate directories.

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Jim Hudd.

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Re: VC++ 10 Express setup for UDF code/test

With a little search on your part you can easily find some answers for your question in previous posts on the forum.

Anyway, you can try by visiting this link and please only use the VC++ versions specified in the posts as other versions can and will cause problems.

To install the correct versions please use the Teradata Express 13.0 installer as follows: in the main menu select ‘install Teradata express’ >> click  ‘next- install menu’ >> click ‘additional software’ >> then click on the ‘visual C++ express’ link (and please read the documentation and the Express Help pages which are recommended when you hover above this last installation button – a description of what you need to read will appear on the top-right section from the installation button).