urgent : teradata xml service installation


urgent : teradata xml service installation


I am having teradata 14 vmware express edition 4gb linux version and I am trying to install teradata xml service 14 into it . have done following till now,

home/tdatuser # mkdir xml

:/home/tdatuser # chmod 777 xml

:/home/tdatuser # cd xml

:/home/tdatuser/xml # mkdir TeradataXML.

:/home/tdatuser/xml # chmod 777 TeradataXML.

:/home/tdatuser/xml # cd TeradataXML.

copied th 4 .so files from /lib/v2r6 to xml/TeradataXML.

Change permission on the (4) file to 777

now on runing perl installudfs.pl, after getting  install register succeed its failing as , install xml_publish udf failed.

please reply ASAP . this is very urgent .