How do I get to my content?

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How do I get to my content?



I am unable to find any link on Teradata Community to get to my content which i have posted.


When i click my name above on the right hand side up corner it does not give any option .


Please help


I think the earlier version of Teradata Community was better.



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Re: How do I get to my content?

Hi Lovey,


We appreciate your feedback on the community.  We realize there are differences between the communities and it may take a little time for everyone to adjust to the differences.  We are listening to the feedback from our users and we are committed to continue to improve the features and capabilities to better serve everyone.  


Please select your name and then "My profile".  You will see a section titled "Latest Posts By"; you can select the arrow to the right to see all of your posts.  





Please let me know if you are not able to find your content, I will be happy to have a call with you.