ARCMAIN job Failure.

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ARCMAIN job Failure.



I am running ARC job using Data Mover.

However, my jobs are failing with an error "09/23/2017 12:02:15  *** Failure 9725:The same user is already logged on and running other BAR jobs."

As far as I understand, the error occurs if some other ARC job is logged in to the target/destination environment using the same user credentials as used by my currently running jobs.

I checked using dbc.sessioninfo and viewpoint as well, but no jobs are running. However, I am still getting Failure 9725.


Can someone please help me with this error ?




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Re: ARCMAIN job Failure.


If this is ARC being run by Data Mover, are you using ARC to move data between two TD systems?


If so, could this error be on the source system and not the target system? (Although I note that the messages manual specifically refers to a 'RESTORE' job, which would indicate the target system).


It might be worth checking the source system as well?




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Re: ARCMAIN job Failure.

The 9725 can mean either:

  • There is already a COPY/RESTORE job with the same UserName on the source system
  • There is already an ARC job (could be ARCHIVE or COPY/RESTORE) with the same UserName on the target system