Arcmain vs netvault ARC1032 NOWARN

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Arcmain vs netvault ARC1032 NOWARN

Hi. Iam using netvault to online backup databases. Iam receiving warning ARC1032 for every table iam archiving until logging is set off at final step.

I need to get rid if this warning. How to setup NOWARN=(1032,1033) in netvault. when i setup it in "overide arc options" under "arcmain option" it tels me that "ARC0004, I do not recognize parameter NOWARN"

is NOWARN supported on version 14.0 or do i need database version 15? Can i update only arcmain to version 15

Any other way to suspend this warning?

Any help will be appreciated

Teradata Employee

Re: Arcmain vs netvault ARC1032 NOWARN


Looking at the appropriate ARC Reference Guide the NOWARN option was only introduced as of version 15.0, this looks to be a client-side feature so don't believe the database requires RDBMS 15.0 to use it.

nb. if/when upgrading ARC other components need to be considered ie. NetVault release, Teradata plug-in for NetVault (APM), multi-stream manager, and supported RDBMS.

A really bad work around option without having to do any updates may be to use the "KEEP LOGGING" option in the ARCHIVE DATA TABLES statement but this incurs additional system resources and requires you to explicitly turn off the logging in a sperate job.